Friday, January 20, 2012

Power Pole Replacement!

<p>Last night around 6pm my neighbor's 80ft oak tree uprooted, fell across the street, and took down everything in it's path. Most notably the powerlines attached to the pole only about 20 ft. away. <br>
I was cooking at the time. Lights started to flicker, we said 'uh oh' and then it came down. The transformer on the pole exploded in a blue light and all power was instantly out. I think I shouted an F~bomb in front of my kid. Oops. <br>
At the time I had no idea it was a tree that took it out. Later in the evening I headed out with a flashlight and couldn't believe my eyes. An oak tree at least 50 yrs, probably more like 80, was in the middle of the street.  Fortunately nobody was hurt. I quickly noticed all the wires everywhere. The power pole was basically dangling by the wires, the only thing keeping the pole up.  I went and put up my reflective driving barricade (everyone's got to have one in South Tacoma), blocking access to the scene.
The response so far has been fantastic, and I can say that sitting here with no power. Around 2am the first crew came and cleared the tree from the road. When I woke up a Locating truck was here surveying, by 9 a bucket truck arrived - but they quickly retreated.
A couple more trucks came throughout the day. By 11am a contract crew arrived and have started removing the 'downed' laurel hedge that is laying in the road. I'm yet to see them take a break. Good workers.<br>
By 12:30 another bucket truck was here and dropped off ... a new power pole! Check out the photo. <br>
I spent the whole morning chopping firewood and now I am drying off in front of the fire I built. <br>
You are free to share my photos with the media or whomever just please mention my blog.
Sorry if there's formatting issues with this post, I installed mobile blogger and am doing everything on my phone. I will check in later. — ST


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