Friday, August 10, 2012

Possible Threat? Door to Door Meat Guys. What do you think?

From a friend on Facebook's wall...

"Attention to patients and caregivers in the Pierce County, WA area: keep your eyes open for meat/seafood sales guys. Small pick up with a refrigerated canopy and a magnetic signs on side. They are casing residences to rip off. Don't open your door. Guy carries stun guns and tazers. The guy who came to our door is about 5'8"-5'10", 35-40 years old,medium build scruffy but short dark hair and mustache. Obviously on meth or pills. Had two younger guys in late teens or early 20's waiting in truck. All I said was no soliciting and the guy discharged his stungun and cursed on the way back to his truck then yelled something about how his dad is a cop and made a few other rather unfriendly remarks before backing out the drive at a high rate of speed. Once I download my cams I'll post images of the guy and his truck."

What do you think??

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