Thursday, January 16, 2014

Child Nutrition Job in Spanaway, WA

Clerk - Child Nutrition Office - Child Nutrition - Spanaway, WA

Child Nutrition jobs in Spanaway, WA

Depending upon the individual assignment, the Clerk - Child Nutrition Office may perform all or a combination of the following:

1. Processes confidential eligibility applications for free and reduced-price meals; checks approvals for accuracy; Assists in maintaining student database in child nutrition program and maintaining current backups of critical data.

2. Answers the telephone for child nutrition; forwards and transfers calls; answers or refers inquiries as appropriate; greets parents and vendors as they come into the office, answers questions.

3. Calls substitutes on a daily basis to fill positions that are open; maintains a list of substitutes available; distributes daily substitute list to office and schools sites.

4. Types and proofs menus on a monthly basis; makes corrections for delivery to the printshop; distributes final menus to the district webmaster.

5. Maintains the Bethel Child Nutrition Glasscubes website with uploads of documents, forms, and information on a daily basis.

6. Performs a variety of record keeping functions such as verifying applications, performing edit checks for report accuracy, maintaining accounts for accuracy, preparing status reports, entering data and records into the computer, and a variety of other functions.

7. Submit maintenance orders and technical work orders on the computer at the Bethel Website and send copies and to the kitchen personnel, as well as informing the Director

8. Enter in the computer Child Nutrition supply orders for the kitchens, as well as the office, using online purchasing.

9. Acts as computer support with the kitchen staff to troubleshoot any problems they encounter during the day with the point of sale program and other related issues.

Child Nutrition jobs in Spanaway, WA

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