Monday, February 10, 2014

Oakbrook's Proposed New Condos Could Add 300-700 New Cars

Going around the Oakbrook crowd...

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I was wondering if I could get you to do a favor for me, please. As you know, I am doing my best to try to save the park/open space at the corner of Ruby and Zircon from being developed into 62 condos. I spoke to the Community Development Director and he said that there would be a series of meetings before the building plans were approved and that the public was welcome to attend and offer their opinions and input. I have worked these issues before, and I know that there is a great difference between the "public being welcome" and advertising it widely enough that the public knows when and where the meetings are being held.

He said that anyone who had a vested interest in the project could become a "party of record" by merely sending him a letter requesting that you be added to the list of people who would be notified of progress on the project. You qualify as having a vested interest because you live on Zircon and will be impacted by the projected 300-700 additional cars per day on the road to and past your house! I do not qualify because I live too far away and there could be a problem with my sitting of a city commission as it would look like two departments within the city are in conflict with each other (The Park department is with me 100% but Community Development must remain neutral, regardless of their opinion.)

So, here is the favor. Could you please write to Dave Bugher and request to become a "party of record" so that we will know what is happening and can respond? I would really appreciate it.

Dave's e-mail address is:

His mailing address is:

M. David Bugher
Assistant City Manager for Development/Community Development Director
6000 Main Street SW
Lakewood, WA 98499

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